Clarity is Closing! Thank you for all your support! We will continue to offer limited inventory through our retail website and store.

Plant Powered Health + Happiness

Empower Your Evolution

Simplicity • Freedom • Relief

Enhance Your Human Experience

Delivering natural solutions to the complex problems of synthetic society

A commitment to quality and transparency backed by biochemical and engineering expertise drives the revolutionary vision behind our products.

Through extensive research and development, the Clarity Nutraceuticals team provides optimized plant based formulations that serve to elevate your day to day life.

Purity and Best Practice

Offering comfort through quality assurance in an unregulated industry

All Clarity products and ingredients are batch tested for safety and compliance through ISO/IEC 17025 certified 3rd party analytic laboratories.

Our operations are implemented with scientific expertise, dedication to good manufacturing practices and adherence to quality management systems.

Belief in a Better Tomorrow

Conscious accountability in the age of consumerism

We believe in a sustainable and innovative business model that lessens human impacts on the earth to preserve its glory for generations to come.

With a minimalist approach to ingredients and packaging, we reduce the waste inherently associated with production and sales of consumer packaged goods.


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