Meet the Team

William Louis Miles

W. Louis Miles


Louis is a scientist and entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of working in the biotechnology industry. His interest in science and sustainability began at Academic Magnet High School, with college level coursework and a senior thesis investigating the Potential for Offshore Wind Energy in South Carolina. Seeking to develop a comprehensive understanding of cellular mechanics, Louis attended Clemson University to study Biochemistry, supplementing his major studies with a minor in Business Administration, elective studies in Plant Medicine and Environmental Toxicology, and two summer USDA ARS research positions providing experience in Plant Bacteriology and infrastructural management of a major government horticultural facility. Following graduation, he continued to develop his scientific expertise with various research opportunities in cancer metastasis, plant pathology, tissue culture regeneration, and genetic engineering.

Determined to apply scientific data to more rapidly solve real world problems, Louis shifted his pursuit of human health from academic research to scalable startup entrepreneurship. Disillusioned with limited pharmaceutical solutions to complex organic systems, he saw the emerging US Cannabis industry as an opportunity to improve consumer access to safe and effective Cannabis based health products. A move to Colorado allowed him to gain direct, hands on experience in this emerging field that he could not study in traditional academic settings. Working with a startup focused on pharmaceutical cannabinoid preparations, Louis’ primary role centered around formulation, dosing, infusion, and production of tablets and mints, as well as purification of Cannabis extracts via wiped film distillation. Given the opportunity, he simultaneously provided indoor cultivation consulting on plant pathology and chemical application protocols as well as managing Standard Operating Protocol implementation for business-wide operations.

Louis ultimately realized the need for advanced Cannabis product manufacturing in the southeast, where emerging hemp markets lacked quality control and experienced operators. Committed to improving consumer access to responsibly formulated and science-based health products, he moved back to his hometown of Charleston, SC to found CBD Carolinas in Fall 2018. Since then, his start-up company has evolved into Clarity Nutraceuticals, a health supplement manufacturer dedicated to innovation and sustainability. As President, Louis directs overall operations with a focus on product research, development, and strategic implementation. In his free time, he enjoys boating in the beautiful Lowcountry waterways, road biking, strength training, and Americana music.

Nathan Rappa

Nathan Rappa

Director of Operations

Nathan combines creativity with business expertise, drawing on a strong background in marketing, management, and the art of music. Growing up, he exhibited a passion for understanding the human condition which led him to initially pursue a degree in Psychology at DePaul University. After realizing a desire to enhance lives through a more direct route than traditional psychology, he shifted his studies to the applied psychology of marketing, with a focus on consumer behavior, marketing research and analysis, business law, and the implementation of category management. In addition to this coursework, Nathan conducted case studies under the direction of executive market and research directors of companies including Kraft Foods, Ocean Spray Cranberries, Walgreens, and Miller Coors. These opportunities provided him with expert knowledge in brand development, implementation, and investment strategy, all of which enhance his ability to analyze the data needed to improve products and services for the overall consumer.

Following graduation, Nathan gained business experience as a marketing specialist and manager for a rapidly growing chain restaurant company in Chicago. Having spent most of his life in the Midwest, he moved to Charleston, SC for a change of climate, where he worked as a recruiter for construction and engineering firms and later as a lead audio-visual technician for a company that serviced custom built homes. With an interest in the cohesion of small groups and a passion for health and wellness, Nathan seized the opportunity to assist his long-time friend Louis in managing the operations of his start-up company, Clarity Nutraceuticals.

Nathan’s personal experiences with the therapeutic benefits and positive healing properties of Cannabis have encouraged him to spread awareness of its ability to improve health and well-being. As Logistics Manager of Clarity Nutraceuticals, Nathan provides critical support to operations, while also going to great extents to guarantee customers have a consistently positive experience. When not in the office, you can find Nathan biking or boating throughout the beautiful Lowcountry. As a multi-talented musician, he also enjoys playing guitar, drums, and keys.

Leila A. Miles

Leila A. Miles

Director of Sustainability

Leila is a designer, engineer, and environmental activist. Her interest in the natural world began at a young age, inspired by educational boating excursions with her father throughout the waterways of South Carolina. This curiosity led her to apply her mathematical skillset developed at the Academic Magnet High School to an undergraduate degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of South Carolina. While core engineering coursework provided her with a fundamental understanding of design and construction mechanics, her environmental studies focused specifically on sustainable approaches to engineering that serve to mitigate human impacts on the earth. During her undergraduate, she supplemented her experience with summer internships at Lambert Architecture + Constructions services and Santee Cooper and a year-long internship at Thomas & Hutton engineering, which ultimately transformed into a permanent position as Designer Engineer following graduation.

Leila’s career is driven by an interest in better improving the application of environmental regulations to private development. With a focus on land use patterns and stormwater management, she seeks to prioritize sustainable practices in her current and future projects. Obtaining her U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) associate certification has empowered her with the knowledge and training needed to implement responsible design. Recognizing that private site development is limited by current regulations, Leila has a growing interest in public policy and systemic change in the way we approach business from an environmental standpoint.

Experienced with environmental regulations and current industry standards, Leila realized an opportunity to apply her expertise to help reduce the excessive waste associated with the U.S. hemp industry. Her innovative mindset, practical problem-solving skills, and attention to detail fostered by her engineering career are characteristics that serve the vision at Clarity Nutraceuticals to create superior, reliable, and environmentally conscious products. As Director of Sustainability, Leila is responsible for the development and implementation of sustainability initiatives within the company. Equally passionate about health and wellness, you can find Leila meditating on her lunch breaks, practicing yoga in the park, riding her bike through forest trails, or gallivanting through the mountains near her home in Greenville, SC.

Flossie W. Miles

Flossie W. Miles

Director of Finance

Flossie is a multi-talented business professional with extensive experience in small business development and management. She developed a strong foundation in business operations and financial management with her undergraduate studies. Upon graduation, she enhanced her financial and accounting education with experience in banking and credit analysis. Even with a husband in the merchant marine who spent half the year at sea, she deftly balanced her duties as a mother of two children with those of her career. She eventually moved to real estate sales, further improving her sales and marketing skills. Presented with an unexpected opportunity, Flossie delved into purchasing her own small business and now owns and operates four thriving laundromats in the Charleston area. She developed and manages a multi-tenant commercial property West Ashley, the site of her flagship store. To date, she has accumulated 16 years of experience as owner and operator of these businesses.

Having achieved success in her career, Flossie has developed a dedication to spreading awareness of the health and wellness benefits of Cannabis products. Her interests in a healthy lifestyle were developed from a young age. Growing up in Camden, SC as one of seven children, Flossie learned the importance of a healthy diet from her mother, who insisted on nutritious, organic meals and supplements in an era when convenience and junk foods exploded in popularity. A believer in the importance of natural health products as supplements to a nutritious diet, she has found that hemp derived cannabinoids offer a multitude of benefits resulting in increased quality of life.

Flossie recently partnered with her son in his business venture to help promote the use of this therapeutic aid among other health-conscious individuals, and her financial expertise has assisted in the risky nature of a startup company. As Director of Finance, Flossie assists in identifying strategic investment opportunities while balancing expenditures with unpredictable growth patterns in an emerging industry. When not working on her small business or assisting in the financial management of Clarity Nutraceuticals, Flossie can be found enjoying life with her husband of 37 years. Together they enjoy road biking, travelling, cooking, gardening, and boating along with their three rescued dogs.