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With a focus on convenience and consistency, Clarity products offer various solutions to the ever-changing needs of active and professional lifestyles

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Unlock your Potential
Zen Capsules and Mix


Blissful Serenity

Synergistic Relaxation Blend of Bio-optimized Hemp Extract and L-Theanine.

Use Zen capsules alone for non-sedating stress relief, or combined with Flow capsules for an optimized focus stack.

Seeking a health-conscious alternative for much-needed relaxation? Zen drink mix will unwind the body and the mind.

Flow Capsules and Mix


Balanced Invigoration

Synergistic Energizing Blend of Bio-optimized Hemp Extract and Caffeine.

Go with the Flow (capsules) alone for extra energy, or combined with Zen capsules for an optimized focus stack.

Tired of energy drinks with weird taste and unnecessary ingredients? Flow drink mix offers a clean yet powerful energy boost.


Overcome your Limitations
Pure 25 Capsules and Mix
Pure 50 Capsules


Calming Relief

Bio-optimized Hemp Extract in Regular Strength or Extra Strength.

Offering relief to the stresses of both body and mind, Pure capsules will have you feeling better in no time.

Pure drink mix provides fast-acting relief on the go. Add the tasteless powder to your coffee, smoothie, or beverage of choice.


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